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at detroit. it's a mess. 46 million people on food stamps. people realize they don't want this. they don't want one creating a website worse than the post office. >> k.g., president obama said he didn't know the website wasn't working when they unrolled it. the plausible deniable i'm sick of it. >> he would have been shown the door if this was a private company. this is a disaster. look at his approval numbers. the american people don't trust him or the healthcare phoneny scam he tried to popzy scheme in sucking up to this to believe it will work. this shows that the liberalism are a prescription for 666 for the country. >> juan you put your hand to the forehead. what is working? >> this is too much celebration on the right. the right thinks game over we won. at the shutdown you were totally in the tanks. the president fumbled, he made a mistake. this is on him. >> that is the first thing he has been right about. >> let me finish the point. >> what we had right now, you heard say government does nothing wrong. i don't hear anybody say that about social security, medicare, the u.s. milita
out open the deck it was pretty observe we don't go out on that does the children are having fun and the roommates never bothered them and with this larger deck i proposed that i would be more than willing to put a facade up like bamboo or something green something egging could friendly but we'd rather not decrease the size of the deck limited within 12 feet is legal. but i understand the issue that she has i would say we're not - we are just a bunch of good goose we're not wanting to threaten any the children or the businesses. i would like to know respectfully request from the board you allow the completion of that deck we've been working hard. august 29th was stressful within the safety hazards and i'll stop do you know what the grade difference it's on the hill from ms. lewis house roughly >> it would be about 2 feet the grade differences. what do you think you guys >> about 2 feet. >> i have a question too. your sort of community oriented and obviously wanted to maintain don't relations with your neighbor you talked about bamboo. i lived up next to my neighborhood it is n
>> they don't want the kids to see him on field trips. >> the saddest part is it's curling season. this is what canada should be dealing with, not mayor ford. >> this is a welcome respite. there are no summer sports in canada. do it then. >> it's the dead of winter in canada. >> that's when all their sports take place. >> here ice my question, my exit question, which means nothing. anthony weiner, do you think this guy is getting a pass because he's fat and jolly, that anthony weiner was unlikable and skinny? >> i once served anthony weiner where i worked. he was really nice. i was like, he looks really familiar, does he come here a lot this >> and you were staring at his crotch. >> i think he had a diet coke. >> that's boring. >> i know what you're saying about rob ford. you know, he is jolly looking. he's probably jollier with the booze and the crack. >> that's true. >> i think he looks like he has gout. >> this is not going to end well for him. >> he's not jolly. he threatens to beat up staff and stuff like that. he's more bully than jolly. you are being reverse fattest. >> we'
into the depression. >> jim, you don't necessarily agree, getting to single payer is not necessarily a bad thing according to you. >> no, brenda, it's not but as to the folks who are living or think they're living in an episode of "the x files" that was not the plan all along. i mean, there couldn't be more space in between obama care and the single payer health care system. look, we have single payer health care already in this country, it's called medicare. and guess what? medicare has a higher approval rating than all private health insurance. >> well tracy, what about obama care, the approval ratings are just going down like that. what do you think, are we headed to a single payer system? >> god, i hope not, brenda. look, i don't think it's conspiratorial. i think they were just kind of dumb. they didn't read it. they had no idea what they passed. it was incompetence left to right, down to the web side. single payer system would be so bad for this country. i get the notion that we have to sort of get some preventative care out there and things like that but the way that they're talking about
constantly criticizing trying to underfund it and trying to make sure it didn't work. >> i don't think fox news had anything to do with will roll out of healthcare.gov. >> it was all our fault. let me ask --. >> i watched the interview and he is doing obamacare no favors with this wild absurd ridiculously honestly untrue pin. >> he can push back againsting for. >> there has been negative coverage but fox news had nothing to do with the roll out. >> blaming the messenger? >> getting back to the point with the spin that is shown to be false, we have five million chance lakes, five million stories. we only have 27,000 enrollments so the media does not have to go far to find people negatively affected who do not get to see their doctors or go to the hospitals. this story will keep rolling. >> in the face of this we have "new york times" editorials, first that obama misspoke about keeping the land and then it was described as "inaccurate promise." >> pathetic. i don't know how they can write this stuff on the editorial page. go to new york magazine they put together not exactly conservative out
where's neil. some asking for ben and only one dig for charlie. that's the way it goes. >> don't tell me that person was at a strip club. >> sounds like it. >> charles what do you make of that, that we already now started addressing the problems with this law but now i'm beginning to suspect come the costs. what do you think? >> well, we're talking already 300,000 into medicaid, a program that was bust to begin with. we're talking about by the way it was never suggested or i've never heard the president say taxpayers were subsidized, health care insurance for people who have jobs, in fact up to 400% above poverty, a brand new entitlement, that's going to cost trillions of dollars, and by the way you had a plan that was supposedly substandard we'll get you a better one, like a banker telling you hey, why don't you buy this million-dollar house you can't afford. history not only repeating it self but exponentially more dangerously so. >> what do you think? >> i think it' a dangerous proposition that we're getting into where you already have marco rubio the senator calling for legislation t
made my success outside of the establishment. that is how i did it. and they don't like that. and the right doesn't like me, either. >> president obama trying to fix his health care program. runs into a buzz saw of negative questions from the press corps. >> do you not believe, sir, the american people deserve a deeper, more transparent accountability from you as to why you said that over and over? >> why the media are now openly challenging his credibility. that "60 minutes" apology by lara logan for the botched story on benghazi. >> the most important thing to every person at "60 minutes" is the truth. and the truth is we made a mistake. >> why it was too little too late and further tarnished the program. i'm howard kurtz and this is "media buzz." >>> you know the drill. send me a tweet about the program @howardkurtz. >>> if any further criticism were needed from the mainstream media at president obama, look no further than this news conference. >> do you feel this has led to a breach in public confidence in government? >> you said if you like your plan, you can keep it. am
in washington can learn a lot. i don't know if you have noticed this, but obamacare has had a couple of hiccups. we were told we had to pass this bill in order to find out what was in it. well, here we are. -- maybe tomall can jog my memory here. one of the guys who is fighting hard for this law was ruth bailey -- braley -- bruce braley. this law is doing real harm to real people. it is taking people and disrupting their lives. millions of people are getting cancellation notices. families are seeing premiums go up. thisrowd that brought us website where they had three years to prepare, $500 million crowd thats the same is poised to take over 16% of our economy -- the health care sector. did nott obama said he know any of this stuff was going to happen. thatid that he had no idea these problems were coming. we had kathleen sebelius come and say that everything was ready to go. -- if youe issue outlaw the kind of insurance people actually have, they won't be able to keep those plans. they passed a law three years ago to outlaw the kinds of insurance that people have in their surprise that people
is the one i want to believe you, but i don't see many people getting into that. >> a shorthand for this can be fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. it will show you that americans are much more physically conservative than their elected representatives and a majority of americans think that we should balance the budget. they think that we should legalize marijuana, no one wants to talk about that,. >> but more are coming around? >> yes, they will come around last. and so when you have this, there's much more libertarianism and the government and you'll begin to see some of these expressions in the political marketplace as well. john: all kinds of skepticism exists. and they are just considered odd at times including my colleagues >> even for a libertarian like you. >> that is what is happening. stossel doesn't care. so what is the hostility? >> part of it is that we have a two party -- a major two-party system in the country and people tend to special -- especially congregate around the republicans and they see everything through that. so you are by definition, you're on the other s
that maybe the president wore a jersey, that might help? >> i don't know. he's got hollywood on his side all the time. but it hasn't helpedim much. because obama has dipped to 39% is this disaster has been rolling out and it has not been good for him and i think that it represents for voters in the united states and toronto, i think voters really do care about how the guide governance. rob ford is, you know,e's led tax cuts and whether the propelling job growth, fastest job growth areas in the whole part of canada. in the united states obama is overseeing a disastrous health care law. a candidate from the poll numbers really care about how you govern and not necessarily about your personal life. although that does play a role. neil: i'm wondering what it says with a reserve of goodwill you could have and whether you blow it or it goes away to what he can keep it and build upon it. the conventional argument is that this president is blowing away because the mayor, there might be more thathe can drop or painful revelations that are still to come, but it seem that he's trying to get us out of i
. >> i don't deny who was. i've never denied who i was. >> high profile ansgender actor thera sparksalks openly about cnging her gender but not who she is. >> randi zuckerberg steps out from her brother's shadow. >> i'm so gratefulor the expeence i had at facebook i'm no grate tofl my brother. but it was also really iortant for me to make a name for myself o. >>> here nbc bay area's r >> thanks for joining us. we have some trail blazers with us tonight, some house hold names, oers youight be time.and hearing for the first but all of our stors tonight give us a rare behind t scenes look at these dynamicews mars. we begin with the colorfulnd controversial john mcphie. he recently turned down an off to fixed the obama care website. valley.ck in the silicone wife. aew compa and a new murder of his neighbor and the media frenzy that followed. john mcafee hasurned hisife willingly into a hollywood script. >> is this the story of a successful sbe preneurowho went crazand became a murderer or is this the gatest bleep ] of all tim >> we caughtp with mcafe in portland, oregon and now he's in the
i am skeptical because i've never seen entitlement taken away. he made that argument so i don't know if you are familiar with him but i thought you might have an opinion. >> actually i concur with him. entitlement to be taken away has to be instituted and it has to have some success in being implanted. this could be a very rocky entrance and a bomb-making or may not survive. it's not definitive and it's more likely than not that it will collapse of its own weight. that has been what i was advocating during the shutdown. i thought tactically it was a mistake. there was no reason to call for the overthrow of obamacare by legislation when there is not a chance in hell that you could do that under our system. you really can't undo a law from one house of congress. there is no way it was going to be undone and we were heading into october the first when the shutdown began. it was also the day when obamacare this brand-new web site was going to revolutionize their health care signed up exactly six people. i mean, that isn't even enough to field a baseball team. there would be no outfield.
up this idea to have us have a platform trying to bring beverages to them if they don't want to go to the er and then have it as we prepared to see that on the shoulder. what's the one considers that its all we would like to preach. between all members in the second generation ants. i want and that and headed to seoul for it right now we are having with the county more than one hundred members of his soul and paints a doula ninety members of basic gym so i don't think that as i don't think that's what's so i've been a good fit. that's pretty good numbers. still we are with growing more and more because they are bringing the idea. and then passing bell died due to the people the helpful so we have. i was thinking about really. i remember is spending the next two years already. believe me actually you could feel it when you first came up with the idea that you wanted to apply for for the younger generations and what was your reaction for you parents for example i was supposed to will pleasantly surprise. they don't do so would come of this a tag da oh one to find out more about that.
that we want to take action, but i think the action has to be one that also provides solutions. and i don't see a lot of solutions here. i think that the coalition to their credit is trying to figure out how they can work with this city. how they can address a very legitimate concern that has been raised in terms of these vehicles and impact on traffic and parking and safety. all of that is legitimate, but let's do it in a way that provides some options for folks other than simply say you cannot do this, you are not allowed to be there. let's do it where there is a place they can actually be. >> supervisor mar? >> i want to thank mr. lee and as well as from the mta. i know in september when we were looking at the pilot project and part of the goal of our office on homelessness and mta was to track more of the human impact as well and i'm hoping that moves forward as one of the solutions about what happens to the estimated 161-200 people the coalition on homeless analysis said it was 2.5 percent of the 2011 homeless kouvenlt -- kouvenlt count. it was about 161 people living in their vehi
into areas where we don't have stations now that are basically contiguo u.s. and go around the corner down mission and valencia into the mission and this doesn't mean filling in isn't a good idea but right now if we have to prioritize, sure would be nice if it went to where i live a little more or where i play and i think mission and upper market definitely fall into that category. i have an couple of slides that explain our thinking more on that. so this is a suitability analysis that we did. darker blue areas represent areas of extremely high bicycle sharing suitability this is based on 11 different factors according to studies in other cities correlate. so we now if we started small we wanted to be successful. >> what with are the 11 factors? >> i can't list them all but things like did he density of residents topography bicycle use walking there's a few more as well i can't think right now but i'd be happy to follow up with you on those we have a whole paper to explain the methodology. so if you zoom in on the suitability city wide obviously and if you look in the black and upper
for consideration of this matter and i don't see any prejudice to appellant from moving forward today. there's no good basis for a continuance. >> okay. so we have a motion then from commissioner to uphold this permit with revised plans. >> the november 8th. >> the november 8, 2013, it's on the basis as stated in the record by commissioner tom (calling names) the vicinity is 3 to one for them to impose any actions so absent to any motion this permit is up told me e held as is. >> i don't think anybody wants that. i would make another motion to continue it for one week and in the interest of efficiency and justice and getting a proper permit here that everyone can agree on. >> so we have a motion to continue this matter one week to november 20th. and no additional briefing is allowed nothing? on that motion (calling names) thank you. the vote is 4 to zero this matter is continued one week to november 20th >> thank you. thank you >> commissioners then i will call 7 a, b, c, and d. all four of them are filed by a group against tang and they're related to four alteration permits. this is f
few months. don't let us losses the right to the quiet enjoyment of our homes especially during christmas season >> thank you. any public comment? seeing none, then we will start with the rebuttal and mr. burn you have 3 minutes. >> to go back on the problem that was posed for the construction work on december 9th that was seven months after the stucco work we agreed with the construction we know it hazard to happen and the building owner has to protect they say investment but not at our expense. that's it >> have you or any of your tenants friends here going gone to the rent board or tried other alternative ways to get address. >> we've contacted the rent board. we also asked trinity if they would come to an agreement with us and they don't want to. they don't actually respond to occupier e-mails >> okay. thank you. is there time left there. if you want to give some time to - >> i've also been in touch with the independent living that resource center they also contracted the trinity lawyers and said i couldn't live through this noise with my medical condition they were g
there are concerns but legally speaking i don't think you have a choice but to reject the appeal. thank you very much >> i'd like to ask you about the standard under 320 of the planning code and i find - i don't know obviously you didn't argue but as i understand it we have board authority hero to determine whether or not the additional 6 floors it appropriate. my understanding it is the language that needs to be met whether this development promotes public welfare convenience net and i'd like to hear you on that standard >> yeah. i mean, i would say first, the planning commission made detailed findings and those are in the materials in front of you. as far as serving little public convenience and night. in the one saves force is going to take the entire building. sales force is one of the most feast growing companies in san francisco. they pay good salaries and this is - they've taken most if not all of the fremont building across the street. it's a dime company 33 and this building is an important part of their presence in san francisco. i'd point to the impact fees that the project is paying as
this product. you don't know at the time whether it's fantastic or not until much later on when it comes out of those barrels and it's put into bottles and you have either a fabulous vintage or a -- vintage and that creates tremendous opportunities. will it be good? will it be not so good? what will prices be like? colon math .. there are some rich futures in the asian markets. we have hat shrimp markets here. they didn't do well. i think frozen shrimp was trade here in the '60s. i know that canned tuna has been proposed as a commodity. didn't do very well. as a rule canned products don't do well. canned tomato sauce was proposed and tried and didn't do very well, went away quickly. i suspect that someone tries to bring back canned tuna, same thing. however, considering the sustainability issues around fish, i think there certainly could be a market. i could see salmon futures for one, interesting particularly fertile ground. >> so we have a food and beverage lawyer. i didn't know there was such a subcategory of law. we're learning so much today. okay. i see one more question there go ahead.
to understand this and follow that. >> i don't have that answer. >> the constitution says i have a right to bear arms. but where i live, i can't do this legally. >> can't we get rid of some of this? the good news is that some entrepreneurs cut through the red tape. >> i chose to be a survivor, not a victim. >> so families have a better experience and i can drive a cab. >> welcome. >> all these people are combatants in the "war on the little guy." >> a certain amount of regulation is good. the problem is they don't stop. >> i would be out of business. >> with every phone call there came more bureaucratic red tape. >> our government adds thousands of new pages of law every year. that's on top of the 175,000 pages they passed in prior years. >> this is just what you see here, just the federal part. states, local governments add much more than this. >> if you wanted to get state, county, and city laws, you need to rent a bigger building. >> this lawyer jeff rose helps little guys deal with the red tape. >> this is an agenda of control for its open sake. that's why regulators do what they do. >> come
and it requires us to come and see the support at the state and national level what's fueling the education don't for the community. we get real focused on the national community but it's at the state and local level. and even smaller towns across the country. so the messages it is from the state and local level first >> let's hear from our young entrepreneurs. your creating jobs and paying taxes when you hear this from people what you do you say >> i've definitely paid hoof taxes. the short answer is yeah, the silicon valley if that were not true. it would be like the - i know i've spent a lot of time with interesting people from all over the world and their successful people and their passionate about being here and their contributing to the economy >> i like to give the example of football. imagine the 49ers and we're going to be playing with another team but what if it is other team had 13 or fourteen people. we have to see the u.s. as a team are the other countries and we're limiting the team on the field and if canada is allowing their team to to compete against us. to not allow the 49
more than anything. and whatever i definitely the a b 5 needs to be removed from this process. we don't want it on the plans it was issued in error but with the one exit from the roof-deck it goes away but if we're going to do another permit we want to get it off any approved documents >> okay. >> thank you. >> so perhaps we can hear from planning and then from the parties. >> good evening planning staff i also saw the updated plans just a few moments ago it was the change on the north parallel area which is not visible from the street so considering the design change it would be visible from the street our preservation staff may want to look at that but it's not change any other feature so i believe from quickly looking at it the planning department wouldn't have any issue with changing the windows to doors. >> so from a process prospective your looking at it for the first time and off-the-cuff giving us our opinion to formalize that you'll have to have it goatee our department. >> again, just changing the windows to doors this is a permit that was not involved with an appeal s
is certified he didn't know there were window in our house he went ahead and certified. i don't believe he looked the guidelines. and there is no way to contact him buzzed he didn't respond to my letters and stuff. another thing in their brief exhibit a one shows a big portion of the backyard would be built. there is additional backyard decks that describe property and open space. in their exhibit 343, 4, 53 and 4 it shows how their addition w would block my windows. they're trying to show the other house 555 rock daily has all the way comes up front and blocks everything it's not true you can't see it until you go to the backyard. on page 2 of the holders they say the gas pipe was replaced by 2014 that's false we don't have third degree anything in pg&e and the plan to replace the pipelines in our area is not until 200 for an and the homeowners will be notified in writing. this is not an option for us. regarding the largely support i tried to contract mr. harrison i didn't hear back from him. we don't need it be a rocket scientist to especially open the third floor with this construction
the president's been shot. and i said to her, don't be spreading rumors like that. but with that, someone came to get me, and we went into the waiting room, you know, with everyone else, and we watched television just like everyone else did. and then the series of orders came to me, because i was medical officer. it happened just as fate would have it. medical officer of the day. and so i got orders to go first to the white house, second to the capitol and third to the grave site. >> let's start with the white house. this was the first time you'd been inside the white house? >> first time i'd been inside the white house. i'd been in the rose garden a couple times. and on the lawn with my camera. and i only have one picture of president kennedy in the rose garden, and he's standing on the porch with someone else. i can't remember who it is. but i had not been inside the white house until that, until i got posted there. and i was -- the body was in the east room. the casket was in the east room. and the greenroom is where all of the dignitaries gathered. the east room runs north and south. the w
flier card. that's money that's being paid to you but it's not really being paid to you because you don't have freedom on how you spend it. if you add up how much it is, it's going up year to year and it will keep ongoing up as long as computers are helping with this. >> if you go online and take part in a survey, is there a place where you should not give them your name, address, what do i do? >> this is so hard. everybody wants, we are so used to the idea of bottom up action, but this really has to include a top down component or it doesn't make sense. >> it feels like that right now. >> you can't even turn on your tablet without giving away, we have given into a regime where everyone has to give up information. the moment you turn on your tablet as opposed to your old fashioned pc where you owned your data, you are entering this system. we have to change the overall systemic thing. what i always taught students is don't approach this idea logically. getting off facebook because it's bad is not necessary. be experiment tamm. >> you talked about the things that finance go in the wrong
screw around with the power of the president? i don't think u.s. steel or any other companies want internal rev enough agents checking expense accounts. want government to go back to he tell bills to fine out who was with you? these are real quotes. now, if the kens were prepared to do this to stop a steel price hike, what they do to keep the presidency in their hands? some of you know i worked for robert kennedy. no public figure i admired more. but this this dark side. they get away with it but people know that something is up. one of those underground things that know. it's all kind of underground. last, 1968. what happens? so here are two notions. if there's no war in vietnam, then richard nixon's most powerful argument for the presidency -- i know the world, i know the soviet union, i can bring peace to vietnam -- is irrelevant, and the republicans can find somebody who could actually win elections, say the governorship of california by a million votes. reagan made a very lame last minute bid for the nomination. take away the vietnam war, nixon's strong point, and i realize t
whole career from drug dealer to corporate rock star is a story of don't simply hold down a job and finish school because that is a sucker's game. the way you make it is the way the mafia lords make it, which is to be tough and want to win and winning is its own justification. so the north carolina boy clutching a bible is a man named dean tries who is the son of a fire and brimstone teacher in north carolina and his family farmed tobacco for generations and he grew up with the ambition to be an entrepreneur and his heroes were people like andrew carnegie and henry ford and they were older americans and he has a deep-rooted myths in our history, which is very evident when you travel to the piedmont region of the carolinas. but he traded a chain of truck stops between north carolina and virginia with fast food restaurants and all the while, the countryside was collapsing around him. wal-mart and multinational companies were making it impossible for him to compete and meanwhile tobacco was dying as an industry and so was textiles from the other mainstay of life. by the time he tri
a motion >> i do. i guess my question what we're going for if you don't mind putting up. if you look at right here the actual plant. so we would want to plant bamboo so it's able to go over the whole fence or put it in planters on the deck and of course, >> planters on the decks. >> excellent. is this going to be me to change the planned >> yes. >> the planting is not on the did he know we'll put the language in the dbi plans and they'll see it at the completion of the deck. >> the planter boxes are on the deck and you have water sitting on the surface so having planter on the ground surface is better. >> so that's why i want to plant the bam both. there's about 2 and a half feet of ground and i'd like to use that area right there it will grow faster >> here's where i go i see the appellant nodding her head. i think notwithstanding you had to get here today and some bad feelings are here i think it the opportunity to sit down with the appellant and work this out >> i hope to come out with something today. >> we have other matters to hear so i'd like to get this done. >> sh
and i'll be honest traditionally i don't come to visit your school when you're not renutd so and invest. you may be still in presentation mode. maybe in a couple of weeks but i'd like to ask you now because this was an issue before and since you're here and there's a lot of community members here i want them to understand this it hugely important for the board of education. in t in t in the school district who are keeping the ones at your school what's deeply families from applying to your school. tell me. share with us what's happening and, yes the last time your renewal was up we heard from a lot of timing parents who said they were not happy there. it looks like many of them shared the information so i'd like to hear from you, you know, i've spoken to ms. torres and she tell me about the times on the committee. she did say it wasn't a cakewalk so - >> i think some of those, you know, things you're talking about like have to do with some of the leadership issues that we've down through over the last 5 years. there's been turmoil, you know, i'm the third leader of creative arts since
him in time. >> as if they don't risk their lives enough. unbelievable! we'll see you back here at the top of the hour. >> and we look forward to it. but first, "sanjay gupta md" starts right now. >>> hey, there! time in london on assignment and there's a pharmaceutical company here i'll tell you who is trying to turn secretly grown marijuana, weed, into a serious medicine. i'm going to tell you about medical marijuana here in the united kingdom. also, new guidelines are out on drugs to lower your cholesterol. you have to listen to this. a lot more people will be prescribed these medications, up to 70 million people. but for many, there's a better alternative. i'll tell you what it is. and a device like this, can it really tell if you just got hit hard enough to have a concussion? but first, as you may know, i travelled the world in search of new, sometimes alternative therapies to treat people. the answer is not always pharmaceutical medicines. and as i found this year, marijuana can sometimes help when nothing else does. but legally, it is so difficult to obtain in many places
and we call it selling america short. [applause] i don't know about you, but i have had enough of tea party republicans like ted cruz. haven't you? [applause] those guys are too much. twisting the words of our founders to justify their own mean-spirited, shortsighted, pro-shutdown ideology. what senator cruz does not understand is that the patriots who founded new hampshire, the patriots who founded maryland, they did not pray for their president to fail. they prayed for their president to succeed. [applause] and they didn't belittle intelligence. they did not belittle learning. the actually aspired to it and hoped others would as well. they did not appeal to america's fears. they brought forward american bravery. and they would never -- they never would have abandoned the war on poverty to declare a war on women, a war on workers, a war on immigrants, a war on the sick and hungry children. [applause] now i know, i know that people like mitch mcconnell and kelly ayotte -- [booing] i know they have been trying to distance themselves from the tea party ever since they nearly drov
, some of the 15 percent they don't have hamburgers because they are vegetarian and some because they would have a hot dog. so only truly five percent can't get hamburger. but with obama burger it will be raised from 5 to 7.50. that is because they will pay for the ones that don't have burgers. some will get obama burgers for free. and others will pay $2 for a $5 burger that now cost 7.50. and so many people decided they want free burger and 7.50 for $2 that the people who used to buy the $5 burger and thought they would have to pay accept.50. they are going to have to pay $10 for the burgers to make up for the difference of the free ones and reduced cost. so here's what we are going to do. we want to do our part. we'll give all of the folks here in our studio audience, a coupon. that's right. it will let them pay $10 for the $five obama burger. now, it's not a coupon that lets them have a $10 burger for $5. but a $5 burger for $10. you follow me so far? some of the customers they don't want the deluxe burger because they can't afford it. but we think that everyone should have a
to come. our breaking news coverage continues right now. hello, everyone. don lemon. top of the hour here on cnn. thank you for joining us. breaking news on cnn is tornado outbreak. tears across the upper midwest. >> our father in heaven, give us this diour daily bread and forgive us -- >> if you saw this out of your window, believe me. you would be praying as well. this is one of 11 confirmed tornados in illinois. as it hit the small town of washington near peoria. at least two deaths have been reported. this was the aftermath. nothing was left standing after the tornado was done. clean-up and recovery will take a very long time. >> look at that. this is st. louis as the storm hit. with at least 19 million people in the direct path of the worst parts of the storm. cnn has mobilized all of its resources to bring you the very latest information. jonathan monken is a director of the emergency management agency. we have him on the phone. we spoke to you about an hour ago. what is the latest information. you confirmed two deaths. what do you know now? >> caller: i can confirm we have a third
've attempted to taylilor our rules. we don't expect perfection. we're looking for good faith compliance, good faith efforts to come into substantial compliance by that date. >> the of consumer complaint database has been updated for a year. can you describe what safeguards have been put in place to make sure that the data is reliable. how do you envision it being used going forward? >> so, we have iterated that process. some of the concerns about the database in the early going were valid. when have you a small amount of information, not clear it's reflective or representative of what's going on in the country. when you get to having a larger amount, it's kind of like pixels on a tv screen. the more there are, the more into focus the picture becomes. we've received more than 230,000 complaints and the picture is coming into much sharper focus. we continue to improve the system for verifying the relationship between the business organization and the consumer who is complaining. we don't put things into the database until they move through the entire process. we've had give-and-take with the in
of the immigrants don't understand they can do immigrant research >> we have a short conversation around the b-1 conversations and the processing of the visas. i'm happy to engage with you that we can help promote the b-1 visa to promote that we have also some brochures about our offices and folks are having a problem with requests to allow business activities under b-1 week help >> our city we're one o one of the largest general offices in the nation outside of washington and new york. we promote invests and i have educational leadership projects. we can work together on international ideas this promote the professors and education issues >> yes, sir. . i'm a founder of a company. a few weeks ago i was told i'd have to leave the united states. i've been living in japan and i've entered the country numerous times and i've paid my taxes pr is there any way for the immigration officers to interpreter the law like they do in japan >> what a great question and compelling question. >> our office does a lot of reviews in the immigration issues. i have a colleague here and he's our senior advisors
feel what is the issue with the forms i don't understand them why is it so hard that, you know, a no brainier so thanks >> i'd like to just is one thing. >> we need to kind of keep this moving we have two more pregnancy. >> in 1989 i went to the board with our coordinator. my son that or had been turned down from the high school and because the letter turned it down because it said it would upset the ethic balance at the school. at that time, native meridians were classified as asian. that's part of the problem not recognizing american indian for who we are is categorizing us so we fall off the priority point. it's federally mandated that we have our individual identification thank you. mr. logan. >> yeah. i have a couple of things to say. that admissions policy wouldn't turn someone away on that basis. yeah. there was a time when that happened. there was a couple of things i don't know if you took modern world there's a mistake in the book the coverage of the supreme court case the cherokee nation versus georgia i think where andrew jackson's time the cherokees are basica
wordsy borrowers. banks don't have to lend to realise a return because the fed pays a quarter per cent interest on them. >> it probably should be stopped. >> the fed is buying $85 billion of bonds a month. >> we have to wonder if it's a q eternity, it would be a while before the federal reserve gets a chance to pull back on asset purchases. >> purchases that americans are waiting to feel richer for. >> the amount of loans made by commercial banks is back to where it was before the recessi recession. we need more lending and borrowing to kick the economy into high gear. what is not clear is whether the banks are unwilling to lend more or whether demand for loans are not there. >> he's the match maker of the software world as clients are not looking for love, they are looking for work. >> sort of like a dating service. you can have two great people that don't get along. that's fine, if you don't match at the first company, there's others. if you don't match with the first candidate. we'll bring you another. >> if you thought video games were a waste of time, thing again. with some job re
important. i know that don was mentioning it earlier. we said something in this business. no picture or video is worth a life. we love to see them, but we have to be extremely careful. here's why, folks. let's take a look at some of the destruction. we have pictures of that destruction. take a look. now, this taken by elizabeth in central, illinois. oh, i'm so far ri, that was the one prior to that. in this photo, you can see some of the people walking around. you can see want appear to be splint irs. and a lot of that debris just turned to nothing. the big thing, when we monitor soeshl media, be extremely careful when you're out there. we love to see the pictures, but we just can't say that enough. just to tell you a little bit about what you're looking at. it gives you an idea. to the right of your screen, right there. to the left, you see the two round buildings. this is probably about 30, 40 floors up. i want to get the new ireport video coming to us from washington, illinois. let's listen and watch. >> you can hear the people in that video praying as you can see what appears to
but what's wonderful for the most part we don't have to create much. lost many informal book groups whether i filluated with an institution -- a affiliated with an institution. we offer free sets of books to those groups to borrow, and also we have a new program called one bay one book in which we are encouraging all book groups in the bay area should they be interested in exploring a single book this year. >> so michael, as an artist, as a writer, as a novelist, just to sort of ask a big basic question, why do we write. why do we read. >> why do we read, why do we write? >> that is big question. i've grown up of course with words. there's always in my home, books were always there. i can't even imagine life without reading. of course it's just a form of self-expression obviously. for writers it's a funny thing because, you know, everybody wants to express themselves, but actually writing a book is a huge job. it's a job of discipline. you have to sit down every day, and you have to work every day as if you were going to the office, and yet, there is something so fundamentally real and pure
there's a sort of a code of respect among presidents, recent presidents. they don't call each other names like this. cheney, is he exempt from the rule? >> no, he's not exempt from the rule. but he made himself exempt. i don't think you'll hear george w. bush making a statement like that. but dick cheney has a different agenda. first of all, his daughter is running for the senate in wyoming as a tea party candidate, rather absurdly, since she's basically from the beltway. and dick cheney is trying to help her out by appealing to the tea party worst. i think that's what's going on, number one. number two i think republicans more generally, chris, have always been infuriated by the high personal standing of president barack obama. by him as a candidate. by him as a president. by the fact that he has seen to many of his supporters and to most americans, to be an honest, straightforward, decent guy. and this somehow is especially infuriating to republicans. it drives them crazy, and they're doing everything they can now given the opportunity to try to drag him down to their level. and t
to invite students to come in on monday and the children tell me they intend to be there. you don't have power or water. >> we have, but we are waiting for the relief goods. >> you are waiting for the relief goods. >> yes. >> the big challenge is to figure out how to bring isolated communities like this millage back. it's hard to figure out where you would start. community leaders promised that the power will be restored. they have been promised that it will take a month. >> as hard as it is to believe the mayor insists he's optimistic about the future. >> some mayors said, "please, if you have some other city to go to, go to cebu, or go to manila, people? >> no, i'm still telling my people to stay here. we'll rebuild. we can still stand. >> you believe you can rebuild. >> yes, ma'am. >> as bad as it is? >> yes, we can. with the assistance of, you know, foreign countries, national government. i am sure. there's a lot of helping hands coming in. i am sure we can rebuild it. up. >> i am sure, sure. nobody will give up. >> between the broken houses, and along the debris strewn lanes the wor
. if you want to get that first? don't you think you ought to let me keep it? from health care policy experts, what send -- senator landry is opposing, some people say could endanger the solvency of the of portable care act -- the affordable care act. >> you think a $95 fine is going to make all these people join and pay monthly or do you think we will say, you take care. give me an incentive to want to be healthy. give me a reason. don't tell me you're going to find me. you've got to pay for your grandmother or your aunt or uncle. there has got to be a way to fix this. don't hunker down and protect yourself full attic late -- yourself politically. >> to the politics of congress, you have both mentioned that your former governors. i think there are 10 or 11 former governors -- >> the good old days. >> governors get things done. it is where the rubber meets the road. how frustrating is it to be in the senate where you work your tails off to get a bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill root -- bill reformed and john boehner says were not even going to let it out. >> we will tell you
about vietnam. i said it to kenny o'donnell and charlie bartlett, we don't have a prayer of staying in vietnam. those people hate us. they're going to throw our asss out of there at am any point but i can't give up the territory to the viet cong. every word of that comes from john kennedy's mouth. that's what he said. so, my belief is that he would have gotten out. but not frontally. he was conscious enough of the problems not to, for instance, good on television and say, my fellow americans, we can't win here. we just -- no matter how strong we are no matter how many people we put in vietnam, we can't win this because -- it's not central to american security. that domino theory i once espoused, the philippines will not be threatened if south vietnam fall, which was the belief of many policymakers. so he kind of stalls through '64. when the pt boats are attacked he does not ask for a gulf of tonkin resolution help doesn't want to be given a blank check because the hawks will demand i cash it. and in 1964 he has a second summit meeting with nikita khrushchev, which was on the table,
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